Brussels, Belgium
Obelis SA is a European Authorized Representative wihin the EU for manufacturers of medical devices and in-vitro diagnostic products. As required by European Directives companies doing business in the EU who do not have a physical presence or operation within Europe are required to appoint a European Authorized Representative to establish and maintain an "official address" in one of the 25 member countries within the E.U. The services offered are designed to assist in obtaining and maintaining a CE Mark, to help assure compliance with the medical device and in-vitro diagnostic product directives, provide for complaint handling and incidence reporting and, to represent manufacturers to the appropriate Competent Authorities. For additional information please visit the Obelis web site at
Korea Testing Laboratory (KTL)
Seoul, Korea
Korea Testing Laboratory, the largest recognized non profit testing laboratory in Korea has provided service to the medical device industry for the past 20 years. It's mission has been focused on helping manufacturers to meet international standards and to obtain certifications such as ISO and IEC. The organization is positioned to help assist with service in regulatory and quality systems matters. KTL was commissioned by the Korean Food and Drug Administration (KFDA) in 1998 to establish a Medical Device Quality Assurance Center for the purposes of assisting medical device manufacturers on a global scale. For more information about the services of KTL you are invited to visit their web site at . You may also obtain information by contacting IRC.
Vector Resources, L.C.
Midvale, Utah USA
With more than 30 years of marketing, management and business experience, the firm specializes in providing both domestic and international medical device companies with business development, strategic partnering, distribution and marketing assistance. Vector Resources offers a cost effective alternative that allows a client to immediately focus additional, experienced, short term resources on a project. This added emphasis is tailored to the specific needs of a project and can range from review or critique of an existing plan to detailed project creation and full implementation. To learn more about Vector Resources please visit our web site
Nieuwegein, The Netherlands
MEDLINK EUROPE is a contract service company assisting U.S. medical device companies in sales, marketing and strategic partnering doing business in Europe. They serve as an interim solution linking U.S. operations to European markets until revenues can support an self directed infrastructure. MEDLINK assists in market analysis, product adaptation and strategic pricing, dealer selection, network management and training. MEDLINK headquartered in The Netherlands also maintains offices in Switzerland. For more detailed information about the services offered please contact MEDLINK by phone at +31 30 2870458 or fax at +31 30 2800388; e-mail (